Despite your use of the phone, you are probably paying a bit too much for the use. Be it calling, texting or using data to browse there is always a way that you can cut back on the cost incurred for the services. You need to review your monthly cost on the mobile phone and you will be in a position to find ways in which you can cut back on the cost. How can you cut back on the cost? Here are some few tips to help you through the process

  1. 1. Take out your bill to ascertain your monthly bill on your mobile phone. If your bill is too high, there are four probable reasons. These are:

    • You are paying extra for 4G
    • You are paying for the handset
    • You are paying for a big data allowance
    • You have a poor credit score

    If the high bill is caused by one or more of the above mentioned causes, you need to take a remedying action. This may however not be possible for all of the causes. In case you are paying extra for 4G, you can cut back by down grading to using 3G. If you are paying more because of the use of high data allowance, you can cut back on that by changing the contract if it is possible. However, if your cause for hefty bill is poor credit score or because of the cost of the handset, you will need to make a smarter choice the next time you are taking up a guaranteed mobile contract deal.

  2. 2. Considering taking up a SIM only contract. This means that before you consider taking up a contract, ask yourself if you really need a new handset along with it. In some cases, you will find that the phone you have works just fine and provide everything that you need. In such cases, there is no need to get a phone with the contract. This will help you cut back on the monthly bill incurred for the contract.

  3. 3. Use free matchmaking tools before settling on a phone. These smart tools are essential in helping you land on a low cost contract to fulfill your needs. Matchmaking tools will help you match the minutes, texts and data you need along with that offered by different networks according to the tariffs that they have put in place. You can easily find matchmaking tools online at no charge.

  4. 4. Look for the top deals available. You will easily find different networks offering the same kind of deal at different prices. Taking your time to look at the difference in the contracts will help you maximize on the services you will receive while cutting back on the cost you will incur.

  5. 5. A great way to cut back on costs is in running for the pay as you go deals. It is guaranteed that when you have a poor credit, the contract will come at a higher interest making you pay more. Opting for the PAYG contract will see you paying once and for all. The cost doesn’t come with any interest charged as it is a cash purchase.

  6. 6. Do not run for the latest smart phones in the market. These usually come at a high cost. If you take up one of these, you can be sure that your monthly bill will be rather high. Not to forget is the fact that your application for the phone may be declined if you have a bad credit history.

  7. 7. Check the terms of the contract and do your best to avoid contracts that come with gifts. Checking on the terms helps to ensure that the contract terms list does not have any clause that will make you incur additional charges once you take up the contract. Contracts that come with gifts also come at a price. It is good to ensure that you avoid taking up any form of contracts that have gifts. Despite their being labeled as gifts, you somehow end up paying for them as you meet your monthly bills.

  8. 8. Take up short term contracts. It is good to take up contracts that last a shorter period since they will mean lower amount repaid in the name of interest. long term contracts may see you paying for more than would be the case since the phone you take will be paid for over a longer period of time thus meaning the risk in exposure lasts longer than it would have if it were a short term loan.